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Education may often be thought of as the last and most stubborn bastion of bureaucracy and factory mentality in this fast-changing era. Many people have mixed emotions about education. On one hand, they believe access to high-quality education is essential for their future; on the other hand, they are distrustful of the education they receive.

Current education systems are struggling to meet the rapid pace of change and the needs of thousands of learners in Cyprus. By offering new thinking on old challenges, our program aims to fill the gap left open by the traditional actors, whether in terms of access, pedagogies or learning tools. This is where lifelong learning principles can have a significant impact. Lifelong learning has become a necessity for everyone. We need to develop our skills and competences throughout our lives, not only for our personal fulfilment and our ability to actively engage with the society in which we live, but for our ability to be successful in a constantly changing world of work.

The widely accepted opinion is that in the process of lifelong learning, there should be a balance between formal and non-formal education and that, in order to be truly comprehensive, university education must address all the facets of students’ development. It should also constitute a truly holistic experience combining theoretical and practical education. Too often students see only their theoretical and intellectual capacities developed during their university education, but they lack the practical skills needed to put the knowledge acquired into practice. That is why any extra-curricular activities that develop students’ personal and social skills (their problem solving, organizational abilities, leadership abilities etc.) are vital in complementing the theoretical education received at the university and making this stage of a young person’s life a more fulfilling experience.

Why Leap2peak

A Leap2Peak program is created to answer the needs of students by complementing their academic life with practical, hands-on experience and the opportunity to enhance their soft skills. All these skills and competences are closely related with enabling students to realize their potential and use it effectively.

A Leap2Peak program is designed to provide students with structured training sessions, workshops and opportunities that will be focused on the development and practice of soft skills relevant to students through a "learning by doing" educational approach.

Our mission is to lead the change in education in two major ways: challenging the assumptions of education and trying new practices, and offering learners benefits that other educational institutions are unlikely to be able to produce internally.

The program intends to address the achievement gap by improving educational access and quality for learners residing in Cyprus, aiming to bridge the gap between education and business sector requirements. We are intending to achieve this through program activities focused on skills-building activities, training programs, networking events, internship opportunities and community service initiatives.

Releasing potential, achieving goals & journey to the top

The Leap2Peak - International learning venture is focusing its programs on university students and recent graduates (including the international students) across the island. We believe that every individual has certain potential and drive to achieve goals.  It takes time to realise this potential and use it effectively.  Leap2Peak program is created so that can enable individuals to realise their true potentials and achieve their goals. By joining Leap2Peak family, students will benefit immensely, gaining skills that would have otherwise not been accessible to them.

Over a period of 12 months, there will be at least 25 different training opportunities ranging from basic confidence, resilience and self-awareness targeted skills, to soft skills such as communication, conflict transformation and leadership, to skills that will help the participants have better access to the job market such as social entrepreneurship and carrier planning. Additional to training opportunities we are going to undertake 8 exiting adventure based expeditions providing both social and survival skills training to our participants. Finally yearlong program is going to be spiced up with over 20 cultural and social events to allow participants to network with each other, meet better local culture, make new friends and have a lot of fun.

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